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The Inkster Task Force (ITF) was established in 2001 by the Inkster City Council to consolidate many of the community organizations providing services to the residents of Inkster. Through this relationship, the ITF has provided a multitude of programs which included partnerships with Inkster Public Schools for after school mentoring, general mentoring throughout the community and alcohol and tobacco prevention/awareness programs. The ITF was restructured in 2013 and is no longer under the direct leadership of Inkster’s city government.  Despite this change, today’s ITF continues as a mechanism to foster effective communication and collaboration across public, private and nonprofit sectors; aiming to improve the quality of life of Inkster’s nearly 25,000 residents.  Additionally, the current ITF functions as an independent 501c3 non-profit. Along with this designation, the ITF envisions a strong, healthy and safe community of opportunity where multiple generations live, learn and work.


As a 501c3 the ITF’s vision/mission is moved forward through Community Engagement groups that provide direct services to Inkster residents. These engagement groups target specialized areas such as Health and Prevention, Employment, Education, Safety, Outreach and Communication, Cross-Generational and Sustainable Communities.  Charters guide these community groups which are supported by residents and various organizations serving Inkster. These collaborative volunteer engagement groups are what have strengthened the current ITF; while providing focus to the long-term impact of making quality of life improvements and reducing obvious disparities within the engagement groups specified areas.




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